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Why The Freedom Group?

We believe our investment approach is fundamentally different than most investment firms.  Freedom is comprised of former operators that have “sat the chair” and can understand the tactical as well as strategic requirements of running a business.  Our objective is to provide hands-on support to grow the companies we acquire.  While we will never understand your business to the same level of detail as you, Freedom brings proven management experience to help grow or stabilize a business.  Freedom can be viewed as a new resource to the management team, bringing new ideas and a diverse set of real world experience to create shareholder value through operational improvements and strategic business growth.  As a resource to the management team, we are not going to contact you once a month or each quarter seeking the company’s financial results.  Rather, you will find that we are an active investor that is prepared to get involved in the minutiae to assist the business in whatever capacity the organization needs to facilitate efficiency and growth.

Freedom is also different in how we view our investment horizons.  We are long-term investors that maintain a buy and hold philosophy and seek to add value over extended periods of time.  We adhere to a disciplined and conservative approach when evaluating investment opportunities and at the core of this approach is a “patient investor” that is focused on building and growing with companies over time.  We are not focused on making short-term changes to improve value for a quick sale or “flip”. 

We also consider two other elements of a business: 1) its go-to-market strategy; and 2) internal operating and administrative processes.  During our review of a potential acquisition target, we frequently observe that many lower or middle-market companies have limited infrastructure, such as management processes and systems, to support growth.  We view this as a natural part of a company’s growth and are willing to invest in companies that have immature or developing processes or management systems.  Some of these areas may include weak financial controls, reporting, accounting systems and processes, human resources management and development, information technology systems, manufacturing processes, sales and marketing processes and strategic processes.

Every transaction is different and typically has a unique set of circumstances, requirements or conditions.  As we begin discussions on a transaction we strive to understand the sellers’ needs or objectives in an acquisition.  With this information it is our hope that we will be able to structure a transaction that is balanced and would be mutually beneficial to all of the parties involved or to all stakeholders.

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